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No matter what types of tax service you might require, Easy Tax Service should be your first choice in Prescott Valley, Prescott, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, or elsewhere in Arizona. We provide a full range of services for income taxes for individuals and for business customers to ensure the least tax due to either Federal or any state tax department. This is while keeping your costs lower than what you would pay to work with any other tax preparation service, large or small.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you owe the IRS, tax resolution involves settling outstanding issues and debts—often through repayment plans, penalty dismissal and/or filing amended returns. The purpose of tax resolution is to get back on the right side of the IRS, without any penalties or taxes owed.

There are several options for tax resolution and penalty abatement, depending on your circumstances. One of the enrolled agents at Easy Tax Service will consult with you about your options to explore any of the following tax resolution solutions.

  • Penalty Abatement
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Lien Removal and Levy Release
  • Payment Plan and Installments
  • Non-Collectible Status
Tax Resolution companies like Easy Tax Service in Prescott Valley, AZ, are your first line of defense against the IRS and state tax authorities. We represent you when contacting any of these agencies is necessary and will negotiate in good faith to determine a tax resolution that is in your best interest.
Tax Resolution is actually several separate processes – Investigation and Analysis, Negotiation, Completion. Each of these processes can take anywhere from one day to as much as 18 months depending on what of resolution is needed, whether the client provides information in a timely manner, whether the IRS (or state) is cooperative and/or if the agency has a backlog, as well as many other possible reasons. Additionally, some resolution solutions require continuing follow-up by the agency which may be helped by the keeping up with the client even after completion.
Our Prescott Valley, AZ, professionals will consult with you before taking on your case to help you determine what your prospect is for a settlement. You’ll need to provide information about income, employment, debts, expenses and assets for us to make a clear determination.
These are collection tools used by the IRS. A levy is the seizing of your assets; a lien is a claim against your debt. If you’re facing either, it’s important to start working with a tax resolution specialist right away, before the IRS has a chance to take your assets or garner your wages.
At Easy Tax Service, our fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Different solutions have different fees, and we determine which possible solution you would qualify for after the Investigation and Analysis. As all Tax Resolution companies do, we require a retainer which will apply against future fees and the amount depends on possible needs. Fees for Tax Resolution are typically far less than what would be owed to the IRS! We will advise if it makes more sense to pay the IRS than go through the time and expense of Tax Resolution.

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